Chippenham Wedding Photographer. I often forget that I’m in my forties especially when I photograph young couples like Kirsty and James whose sense of style and individuality is something I really understand and connect with. As with all couples it’s important to me to get a good idea of how they operate together and their personalities. As a rule I don’t ask couples to smile for the camera as I believe this can detract from real emotion. The excitement and expectation can be seen in the eyes and often manifests in facial expressions without a smile and such is the case with most couples. According to new science, there are 21 clearly defined facial expressions though I would also add that there are also a thousand nuances within these 21 that can be often more interesting to photograph and can say just as much though in perhaps a more ambiguous way. There is however, nothing like a big beautiful smile that bursts onto a Brides face when the Groom puts the ring on her finger such as Kirsty did and is what I like to capture as it’s real and not induced by the photographer. Kirsty and James both have an air of calm and intrigue about them and this and the sense of togetherness between them was a joy to photograph. Their wedding at Grittleton House, was a fabulous mix of traditional and flamboyance which provided lots of opportunity for my lens. The house itself is what I consider to be one of the best in Wiltshire as its stunning archways, windows, columns and ceilings make a stunning backdrop. Couple this with old paintings with chipped frames, vintage furniture, wallpaper, lighting and worn antique rugs, and you have a location with a bohemian charm that is not matched in many other wedding venues. It was a great choice for Kirsty and James’ wedding as it suited their style well and I was excited to tell their story in such a venue. Thank you for choosing me photograph this very special day in your lives.

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