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Oxfordshire Wedding Photography. I’m a Oxfordshire Wedding Photographer who specialises in fine art wedding photography. We had a great day photographing Hayley & Alasdair’s wedding as there was lots of wonderful candid moments to capture in the lens. Situated in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside, Caswell House is a great venue for a wedding and especially good for photography as it has lots of areas that capture the eye. The gardens and mote that surround the cotswold stone barns are perfect for portraits of the bride and groom and there is plenty of room for dynamic group shots. Alasdair and his Best  Man and Ushers were in a particularly playful frame of mind and we had a real giggle with them taking shots of them fooling around. Particularly funny was their idea to dance in a circle holding hands while blowing a hunting trumpet! A little later when the sun was not so intense, we grabbed a bottle of champagne and two glasses and ventured out for some shots of Hayley and Alasdair together. The light and colour of the fields and gardens were really lovely and made a real impact in these images and capturing the closeness between Hayley and Alasdair was a real joy as they are so well suited and as we had already completed a pre-wedding shoot, they were at ease in front of the camera and very natural together.

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