The Manor Barn Wedding Photography – Emma & Roy at the Manor Barn, Manor House, Winterbourne Stoke, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The Manor Barn is a wonderful venue in Winterbourne Stoke which features large and small rooms with charming nooks and crannies throughout that are ideal to host a country wedding celebration. The Manor House and gardens next to the main barn are beautiful and make for a fabulous backdrop perfect for my natural, documentary style. On site is a very old weathered barn that has that rustic appeal I so love for a backdrop and I took several shots of Emma and Roy there. Particularly enchanting, is the secret garden area at the back of the manor house which is shrouded with trees and a river bed. Nestled neatly in this location is a very small wooden shack that has a fairytale appeal to it that is one of my favourite locations and was perfect for portraits of Emma and Roy. We had a lot of fun chatting and roaming the grounds and gardens and took pictures that captured the essence of Emma and Roy’s relationship and their style.

My approach to shooting a wedding is mostly unobtrusive as this will mean a true documentary of this most special day is told. When we take off after the ceremony for shots of the bride and groom, I try to keep things simple and to let couples be themselves and with a little direction, beautiful, natural and authentic shots are achieved. This also applies to capturing the bridal party and my aim is to have a real giggle with everyone in order to capture the togetherness of your closest friends and make it an enjoyable and memorable experience. To capture the bride and groom and the bridal party in the best possible way, I love to use a variety of locations to tell this part of wedding story and we’ll venture off to all the most striking and beautiful locations throughout a wedding venue and if needed, further afield too.

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