The Mill House Hotel Wedding Photographer – Tanith and Conner at The Mill House Hotel in Kingham, Oxfordshire.

The Mill House Hotel is the perfect venue to host a small and intimate wedding like Tanith and Conner’s. I had such a wonderful time capturing Tanith and Conner on their wedding day, they are such a lovely couple and the warmth they showed me really made my role a pleasure. Tanith and Conner’s wedding had a special sense of uniqueness about it that was charming and I felt privileged to be a part of it. Every wedding has a uniqueness and I love to document it with images that will evoke memories. Much of the uniqueness is captured by observing the little moments that will go unnoticed otherwise, but can tell a story in such a way that will bring back all the emotion felt, and in a surprising and thoughtful way. The quieter moments during Tanith and Conner’s Bride and Groom prep are a good example of this and created a narrative that though silent, has much to say about how they were feeling. In ten years time, when they look at their album and these moments, they will instantly be taken back and can re-discover all the emotion and drama of their special day. These are for me the most prized photographic images and is why I love photography. Thanks again Tanith and Conner for choosing me to capture this very special day in your lives.

“A snapshot of our beautiful photographs from such a talented photographer. Every time I look at even one of them I am taken back to the best day of my entire life. Thank you for the most precious gift; memories to treasure forever”

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