Why I love wedding photography

Wiltshire Wedding Photography. I’m a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer who specialises in documentary wedding photojournalism. My style is best described as natural as I endeavour to produce photographs that are not only beautiful and distinctive, but personal. I’m sometimes asked why I like being a wedding photographer and my reply is always the same, it’s the privilege of being asked to document such an important day in people’s lives. I love the sense of warmth and happiness that fills the air and this really fuels my desire to capture the moments that say the most. There is something truly magical about a photograph, in the way it can freeze a moment in time and somehow say more than words or moving images. It is this unique feature that draws me to wedding photography, as each wedding I photograph offers up a fantastic array of opportunity that never ceases to captivate and move me.

My style & Approach

A big part of my role is to capture all the action that goes on the bride and groom are unable to see. This is important as it is all these captured moments together, that will add a great deal to how they will remember their day. This kind of photography is often termed ‘reportage’, ‘candid’ or ‘photojournalism’ and represents the largest part of all the photos taken. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible and this means a true telling of your wedding story will be told. I also love to take portraits of the Bride and Groom that will ‘wow’ people when you show them to your family, friends and guests. These kind of shots are taken in a relaxed way and at a location that I have found that will add another dimension to your collection. Have close look at my work, does it resonate with you? If it does, then get in touch as it all begins here!

For more information about Wiltshire wedding photography or comments and reviews of my work, please visit my Google Reviews or Facebook photography page. To view full-day weddings, please feel free to browse my Blog.

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